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For professionals

Mudlark+Tempest is a competitively priced line of premium designer paints that does not chalk off. Colours generally cover in two coats depending on colour choice. Very low odour means working in confined spaces like cloakrooms is easier for decorators; high viscosity means minimal splatter or drip when decorating ceilings.

Trade Discounts

Discounts are based on the overall value of the contract. Contact Alex in London, +44 (0)20 7736 9876, or Ben in Norfolk, +44 (0)1379 854 762, to discuss.

Next Day Delivery

Orders placed by noon are generally delivered next day by DHL to mainland UK. Pallet-sized orders require 48 hrs. via DHL. For Highlands of Scotland, offshore Isles and Overseas delivery, please contact our shops for quote.


Flat Eggshell 10°
Eggshell 20°
Satin 30°
Floor 40°
Gloss 80°
Eggshell 20°
Satin 30°
Floor 40°
Gloss 80°

Extra Bonding (EB) additives are available for exterior application to improve masonry paint adhesion as a self-coloured undercoat, eliminating the traditional stabilizing coat and speeding job completion; hardening additives available for interior application to improve wearability/impact resistance for floors and kitchen cabinetry.

All colours are available in a water-borne Acrylic/Alkyd Primer Sealer Stain and flash rusting blocking primer (ICAN Grepp) that adheres well to both alkyd and water-borne coatings and can be overpainted with both alkyd and water-borne coatings. Using a tinted primer improves top coat coverage and reduces job time.

Please contact our Technicians to discuss your specific requirements. Contact Alex in London, +44 (0)20 7736 9876, or Ben in Norfolk, +44 (0)1379 854 762, to discuss.


Full sets and replacement cards can be ordered by emailing info@mudlarkandtempest.com.

Computer screens and printers vary and should not be relied upon for accurate selection. Our professional A|D brushouts are large enough to show colour yet compact enough for on site client meetings or to store in the office colour library box.

All colour brushouts are coated by hand using a 200 micron drawdown bar, whose resulting dry film thickness equals two coats on new primed plaster board. These hand-pulled and hand-cut colour samples may therefore have flaws and imperfections.


Digital Mood Boards

Digital colour swatches are available on our Pinterest site for sharing with clients.

Data Sheets

VOC statements apply only to the untinted base paint as an industry standard. Colorants may add VOCs and other compounds, all varying by specific pigment and sheen level.

Small Print

All eicò paints are suitable for brush, roller and spray, and have been used for back painted glass. Please contact Alex in London, +44 (0)20 7736 9876, or Ben in Norfolk, +44 (0)1379 854 762 for additional technical guidance.

It is always recommended that large quantities of paint be blended together during extensive jobs to assure continuity of colour.

Temperature, humidity and thickness of coat will affect drying times

Paint tins should be kept in a cool, dry, well-ventilated environment and not left in contact with concrete, stone or similar cold floors. Once opened, keep the tin edge as clean as possible and reseal as soon as practical.

Shelf life of an opened paint tin is normally 2 years but is completely dependent on exposure to air, including air trapped inside a well-sealed but partially full tin. Placing a piece of cling film on the paint surface may help to retard oxidation but this cannot be guaranteed.

Pigment loading of Eggshell finish varies by hue. Lighter and pastel colours have more white pigment and therefore heavier pigment loading at 49% solids; darker colours have less white pigment at 40% solids.