The Original Collection

These colours are based on the land, sea and sky of Suffolk. We will be adding new colour collections seasonally, inspired by different periods of art, architecture and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Nuanced variations of colour can create a subtle, rich effect. This Original Collection contains six colour families which link shades of land and coast with sea and sky, from warm to cool, reflecting and containing light. On the colour card you will see that three of the six families are warmer colours and three are cooler colours.

Unlike other paints, our colour ranges are not modified by adding black or white. Instead, through the careful mixing of complementary pigments, the final colours are lively and complex, not dulled down with grey. These chromatic values are created in progression, so all 30 paints harmonise perfectly. For a warm neutral choose Mudlark; for a cool, choose Cumulus.

Use several of these colours to create continuity through your living space, capturing an atmosphere of light. Moderate the light in a sunny room by choosing a cooler colour, or accentuate a bright room with a warmer colour. To create a dynamic contrast try choosing colours on the card that align diagonally.

On your screen screen these colours may appear to be so subtle as to defy distinction. This is due solely to digitisation and variation between the multitude of screens and devices in use. Most on-line representations of paint colour are generated by a single computer number creating a flat graphic effect. The Original Collection colours have been individually scanned, imperfections and all. We highly recommend you view the colours either at a Stockists, in a Showroom or by purchasing a Box Set  to fully appreciate the luminous character of these colours.

Once you have your Box Set, asking another paint supplier to match these colours, either by eye or electronic means, will disappoint. Each manufacturer’s mixing station contains their own proprietary pigment system. The illusion of a match will be achieved in the tin or on a stir stick,  but the resulting colour, once applied, will lack the depth, subtlety and complexity of the Original Collection.

Where to buy

East Anglia

Ray Munn Paints and Interiors

7 Market Place
Harleston IP20 9AD
+44 (0)1379 854762


Ray Munn Ltd

861-863 Fulham Road
London SW6 5HP
+44 (0)207 736 9876

How to Buy

Choose your colour and finish, noting carefully the Item number, for example, GH 117 Chaff or SG 317 Moderate.

Please include the name Mudlark + Tempest when ordering by telephone or email. Paints are manufactured by eicó and mixed/distributed by Ray Munn Ltd, London and Ray Munn Paints and Interiors, Norfolk.

See a full-size display of all the Original Collection colours, mounted on vintage road maps, at our Stockists and in our Showrooms. Box Sets available on-line and at Stockists. Paint is only available through Stockists and can be shipped internationally.

Where to see


Eve Waldron Design Ltd

8 Pound Hill
Cambridge CB3 0AE
+44 (0)1223 470 370


Hein Bonger

22 High Street Saxmundham
Suffolk IP17 1AJ
+44 (0)1728 604 382

About the box set

A unique and desirable object, our Box Set has been compared to limited edition artist books. The rubber stamped and titled shelf-ready box includes loose colour squares protected in cloudy silky envelopes, a playful card with cut-outs and a single piece from a Francis Chichester Jig-Saw Map Puzzle, c 1940’s. Colour is not that serious, so have some fun.

The colour card, with clear overlay that both protects the small colour swatches and names them, continues the map theme. Each card is unique,  mounted on a different section from a 1914-1920 Bartholomew’s New Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists, 2 Miles to the Inch, mounted on cloth, Price Two Shillings.

Inside this box

you will find:

• A colour card of 30 Original Collection colours, set out as six colour families running from light to dark and warm to cool

• Colour swatches in a larger square size to use with the viewing frame or for a mood board.

• A viewing frame to position over selected colours helping you to compare, contrast and choose

• A voucher for 10% off against your first purchase; present the numbered vintage jigsaw piece at our Stockists in London or Norfolk